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Customer Portal per language?

Jul 16, 2017
Jesper Lindhardt wrote
Hi guys,<br /> <br /> I run a website with several different languages. Works great for the tickets, but is there a way to setup the customer portal to handle different languages as well? <br /> <br /> Ideally I would like to run a separate portal for each department, so that when visitors are completing a contact form, they would get offered content based on whatever department they are reaching out to?<br /> <br /> Thank you,<br /> <br /> Jesper
2 Answers
Jul 16, 2017
Martin Svitek agent wrote
Hello Jesper,<br /> <br /> unfortunately currently there is just one customer portal on one default URL address. The language of the dialog boxes there is determined by the preferred language for displaying websites setting in customer's browser, however you can't have different content based on different language currently. We plan to add an option for multiple customer portals at different URL addresses but unfortunately it is not ready yet.
Aug 01, 2017
David Chandler wrote
Hi,<br /> <br /> Jesper, if you are looking to create a FAQ sidebar to a contact form, just create different folders in the KB, add your translated FAQ articles and point the relevant contact page to the relevant folder.<br /> <br /> If you want a KB/portal in multiple languages, this can be achieved by, again, creating different folders RU, FR, EN, ES or whatever at the KB root and adding all your sub-folders and articles below them. Visitors will see headers like the attached image, plus a list of subfolders/articles.<br /> <br /> I run a multi-language call centre and we use the KB as our intranet in this way.

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