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Dec 23, 2016
David Chandler wrote
My agents use tags - LOTS of tags! with over 250 of them, we are Tag Central.

Sometimes, a specific department wants our guys to monitor a specific campaign for a specific period (they are very specific people).

However, after the campaign is over, we only have the option to:
A - Delete the tags and lose them on our historical tickets also, or
B - change their names to zzz (Specific Campaign) to push them to the end of the tag list, or.
C - move them to the end PLUS make the text white on a white background...

May I suggest option D (for David's idea, of course)?
Hide/Archive/Cloak/Turn Invisible tags that are no longer required in a live environment, but still needed for historical reporting purposes
1 Answer
Dec 23, 2016
Martin Palus agent wrote
Specific requirement, indeed. Let me pass that to our development team and see how it's gonna work out :)

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