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Aug 07 (10 months ago)
Eder wrote
hello, there is some whatsapp support? Do you intend to implement this?<br /> Thank you.
8 Answers
Aug 07 (10 months ago)
Andrej Saxon agent wrote
Hello Eder, unfotunatelly there is no Whatsapp support / Whatsapp integration at the moment. We would love to have such an integration, however everything is stacked on the fact than there is no public API which allow you to do the integration. Some other companies use some web browser extension for Whatsapp in order to do the integration, however it is not official and stable option which we do not want to proceed with. We hope there will be an API for the Whatsapp integration, however since Facebook purchased Whatsapp, they might not be willing to release public API as well as for Instagram private (Direct) messages.
Aug 07 (10 months ago)
Eder wrote
Ok. Thanks very much for your reply!
Jan 08 (5 months ago)
Ricardo Gonzalez wrote
Hi, There is now Whatsapp business with a API for developers, do you intend to add that feature now?
Jan 08 (5 months ago)
Stan agent wrote
Hi Ricardo, our developers already have the Whatsapp business API and are investigating the integration with LiveAgent. Unfortunately we don't have an ETA yet, so it might take a while until it becomes available.
Feb 28 (3 months ago)
Toni Kärkkäinen wrote
Is there any update to this WA integration ?
Mar 01 (3 months ago)
Martin Slastan agent wrote
Hi Toni, whatsapp integration is already being worked on. However since it's still in very early stages of development I am unable to give you any official ETA. My personal estimate for the actual release is 3-6 months.
May 22 (33 days ago)
Frank Alberdi wrote
Hello,<br /> <br /> We have talked several times about this and I would like to know when you have thought about launching the integration with WhatsApp<br /> <br /> Several companies are already offering this solution but in Ladesk there seems to be no movement<br /> Whatsapp has become a channel too important to look the other way<br /> <br /> Twilio offers integration and we have integration with Twilio through Ladesk<br /> So why do not we still have Whatsapp as a channel? How much longer do we have to wait?
May 22 (33 days ago)
Sebastián Slušník agent wrote
The integration method is still under investigation. My estimate for the release is the 3rd quartal of 2019, but I cannot say it for sure since it is not an official ETA

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