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/api/conversations response is missing the field "assignedTo"

Nov 09, 2017
Robert Kasanicky wrote
I was expecting the summary data about a conversation would at minimum answer the question &quot;Who was talking to whom?&quot; but unfortunately that's not how the current /api/conversations endpoint is designed. Only the owner of the conversation is specified in the response while the assigned agent is not. What makes this omission even more strange is that agent is supported as an optional parameter of the api request.<br /> <br /> The closely related /api/conversations/[conversationid] response includes the field assignedTo which I think should also be included in the /api/conversations<br /> <br /> <a href="https://support.ladesk.com/840770-Complete-API-reference#6d1698eaa7f970beec504017ce9f8ac4">https://support.ladesk.com/840770-Complete-API-reference#6d1698eaa7f970beec504017ce9f8ac4</a>
3 Answers
Nov 09, 2017
Martin Pullmann agent wrote
Hello Robert,<br /> <br /> You are referring to an older API v1 which we do not work on anymore (so we won't add the missing &quot;assignedTo&quot; field to /api/conversations/). Use API v3 instead:<br /> https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.ladesk.com/docs/api/v3/#!/tickets/getTicketsList<br /> You will get the assigned agent's ID as &quot;agentid&quot;
Nov 09, 2017
Robert Kasanicky wrote
Thanks for a quick response. Perhaps you could put a large &quot;deprecated&quot; warning in the API v1 documentation with a link to API v3. When I searched for &quot;ladesk api&quot; all links lead me to API v1 and I got no clue I was on the wrong path.
Nov 09, 2017
Matus agent wrote
APIv3 is accessible only from LiveAgent account. For now, we don't have it published like APIv1. APIv3 it is still in BETA version.<br /> In agent panel &gt; configuration &gt; system &gt; API &gt; APIv3 is set by default. You can generate API key there or access documentation ('Api V3 Documentation' green button)

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