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Tracking successful contact form submissions

Feb 08, 2017
Matt Podsiadlo wrote
Hi,<br /> <br /> I'm trying to figure out a way to track a successful contact form submission (i.e. when chat is offline), is this possible? We can already track chat / contact form being opened, either via the onClick function, or the chat tracking plugin, as well as the 'chat close' event. <br /> <br /> It would be really useful to be able to track contact form submissions as well so we could measure their effectiveness.<br /> <br /> I'd already tried some JS hacks like monitoring certain elements (e.g. the thank you box), or listening for XHRs sent to LiveAgent, but the widgets are loaded in external iframes which makes this difficult (impossible?).<br /> <br /> Any ideas? :)<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Matt
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Feb 08, 2017
Viktor Zeman agent wrote
Right now we don't have option to track contact form submissions with javascript, but you can create Rules, which will call from LiveAgent server any URL or make HTTP request.<br /> Such rule can looks like:<br /> IF ticket created and ... other conditions<br /> DO<br /> call URL: <a href="http://my">http://my</a> tracking url....
Feb 08, 2017
Matt Podsiadlo wrote
@Viktor, thanks for the tip. This won't however work for Google Analytics tracking as we won't have any user/session information, like you do inside a browser with JS.<br /> <br /> Could you then maybe consider adding this as a callback function, or an extension to the tracking plugin?<br /> <br /> Thanks,<br /> Matt
Feb 08, 2017
Anton Kralovic agent wrote
Such suggestion is already reported to our developers, thank you. I added your vote into the report +1. <br /> <br /> Report number for your reference = #3419
Feb 09, 2017
Matt Podsiadlo wrote
Thanks Anton!
Jul 12, 2018
Stevn Richardson wrote
Have you checked BugRem tool, it is one of the best customer feedback tool. You can give a try to it.

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