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Why can't I purge a deleted ticket after it has been merged?
After a ticket has been merged, it will be in deleted status. However, this old ... more
Message group types
You can create an automated rule which executes when a message group is added. W... more
Replying to LiveAgent ticket from agent's email
LiveAgent has a handy feature, that allows your agents to reply to ticket notifi... more
Invoice explained
Our invoices might seem complicated at first glance but once you understand few ... more
How do we backup data in the Cloud?
Customers are often curious, how LiveAgent's data is backed up. In order to ensu... more
When will I receive push notifications from the LiveAgent iOS/Android app?
Customers often ask us when they will receive a push notification from their mob... more
How to send a transcript to an external address after chat/call is ended
Many of our clients would like to receive the transcript of either chat or call ... more
How LiveAgent recognizes quoted text from message
​For every incoming email, LiveAgent tries to split the content of the email to... more
Email automation with followups example
In order to setup automatic followups (https://www.ladesk.com/blog/email-automa... more
SQL Duplicate entry error in /scritps/track_visit.php
It is possible that script track_visit.php in LiveAgent subdirectory scripts wo... more
Ability to resolve ticket through customer portal
What would you say if your customers are able to resolve their own questions tas... more
How to purge database from useless contacts
Some of your customers or website visitors (or spam creators) are using anonymou... more
How LiveAgent recognizes SPAM
By default LiveAgent software doesn't really have any spam filter by itself, mar... more
Chat for mobile apps
This basic guide shows how to add LiveAgent chat into your own Android or iOS m... more
Process of merging new emails into existing tickets
From time to time customers ask us why was or wasn't an email added to an existi... more
How to customize chat button size for mobile view
Depending on the mobile configuration of your site, chat button might sometimes ... more
LiveAgent versions
The list of new features as well as fixed bugs can be found in our change log at... more
What is the alias field for when configuring an e-mail account?
When configuring e-mail accounts (http://support.ladesk.com/458758-Configuring-M... more
Why is some action not counted in the Tag report?
In the Tag report there are columns with tracked actions and these are counted n... more
Can I translate LiveAgent for Quality Unit
Yes, we accept translators to submit their own translations. Usually, translator... more
How to send a new email
In left panel, just below your agent name and permissions there is a button for ... more
How to create your own language
To create your own language in LiveAgent (https://www.ladesk.com) go to Configur... more
Different language for different customers?
In LiveAgent you can choose from more languages (https://www.ladesk.com/features... more
How to hide the 'Contact us' button if no agent is online?
Navigate to _Configuration > Chat > Chat buttons_ and either click "Create... more
How to show a contact form if no agent is online?
Navigate to _ Configuration > Chat > Chat buttons__ _and either click "Cre... more
How to show a 'pre-chat' form before a chat is initiated?
Many customers ask us how they can request customer name or email before custome... more
Why does the 'Live Help' button use the same design as if agents were online?
This is because of the settings of your contact button. Solution?: In the a... more
What is ;T;N or ;T;T for in the language file?
By default all of the rows in the language file end with: ;N;N The first let... more
How to create your own theme and change the icons of knowledgebase categories?
The very first step is to _create your own theme_ which happens by creating an e... more
How to set up amazon simple email service (amazon SMTP) in Live Agent?
If you want to use SMTP e-mail configuration and you wonder how to set it up usi... more
How does the chat routing work?
To ensure fast and accurate communication, LiveAgent assigns Chats to Agents who... more
How to delete all tickets from LiveAgent?
You may have noticed, that if you click "Delete" next to a ticket (https://www.l... more
How to set up cron job for LiveAgent on a Windows server?
Windows server uses "Task Scheduler" that provides the ability to schedule the l... more
How to remove the Login and My tickets links from the customer portal menu?
In some cases LiveAgent owners don't want the customers to have access to their ... more
What is the difference between Chats and Incoming chats in stats?
Incoming chats are the chats initiated by website visitors by clicking on a chat... more
How to turn on chats in the iOS app of LiveAgent?
By default the chat availability in the iOS app of LiveAgent (https://www.ladesk... more
How to add an in-page form of LiveAgent into a WordPress page?
If you wish to add an in-page form of LiveAgent (https://www.ladesk.com/tour/) i... more
How to make your knowledge base to be "searchable" on the google
You can use the XML code generated by your LiveAgent knowledgebase through URL r... more
How to answer tickets with the same issue (merge-tickets alternative)
Sometimes there might be several tickets (https://www.ladesk.com/features/ticket... more

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