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Knowledge Base - add table to tools menu
Is it possible to add the table icon to the tools menu, sure i can add a table in "Source" but for non HTML users this is a bit hard for them Hello Kevin, first I just want to make sure I completely...
today 12:40 (15 mins ago)
by Martin Svitek
SUGGESTION - Filter folders
I click on 'Tickets' and see a LARGE list of filters: Filters by agent, by tag, by date by customer blood group... OK, maybe not the latter. Some of us have 40+ agents or dozens of sites and products...
Jul 26 (31 days ago)
by Martin Palus
Feature Request: WhatsApp as a Channel
One billion Users use WhatsApp to get info and support. Its must be a incoming channel for support as email, twitter, etc. Please support this feature. Hello Rafael, The possible integration with...
Aug 24 (2 days ago)
by Martin Palus
SUGGESTION - Agent Improvements
Yes, me again. Yes, another suggestion! When setting up Agents, can we have the option to clone/copy/duplicate an Agent. You get an identical agent with [Copy of] Fred as the name and a blank email a...
Aug 17 (9 days ago)
by Martin Palus
How to merge tickets?
Hi, Is there a possibility to merge tickets? There are many situations when different tickets are opened from the same customer about the same problem, so they should be merged. Thank you for the ans...
Aug 10 (16 days ago)
by Eric Edmeades
Tag report on tags added after chat has ended
In order to sort statistics over what tags are added on chats, apart from automatic chats, we must have the functionality of actually making stat. reports on the tags added *after* a chat has ended, a...
Aug 15 (11 days ago)
by Martin Palus
Feature Request - Ability on vote on articles
It would be very helpful to have voting on Knowledgebase articles (like helpful / not helpful / needs more info) and voting on Forum posts +1. Something similar to UserVoice where users can submit fea...
Jul 14 (42 days ago)
by Anton Kralovic
Feature Request - Forum post hidden by detault
In order to fight with spam better I'd like to have a feature where any public post (by specific group of users) must be approved before it becomes visible to others. This would be nice to merge with ...
Jul 13 (44 days ago)
by Matus Prastiak
Feature Request - Custom fields for each user
We'd like to be able to add few other attributes to a user. You currently have browser or IP. We use mobile app, so for us it would be great if we can also set: - OS used - Application version - Local...
Jul 13 (44 days ago)
by Pavol Juhasz
Feature Request - Single Sign On
We'd like users to log in using credentials we maintain in independent DB. I'd suggest to use SAML as Freshdesk does. Thank you for your suggestion David. As I checked with developers, currently we ...
Jul 13 (44 days ago)
by Matus Prastiak
Feature Request - Automatically generate Let's Encrypt secured domains
Support Let's Encrypt domain names automatically without need of using our own certificates https://letsencrypt.org/how-it-works/ Hello David, thank you very much for your suggestion. I will forward i...
Aug 06 (20 days ago)
by Andrej Saxon
Adding KB articles to a ticket
When creating a ticket for a client it would be really handy to be able to add an existing knowledge base article for easy reference it seems we have canned responses etc but not kb articles? There i...
Aug 05 (21 days ago)
by Matus Prastiak
SUGGESTION - Admins can pause/logout Agents
Erm... well that's it really. :))) Give Admins the ability to pause agents or log forgetful agents out... (We can always kill them later). I reported your feature suggestion to our developers :) The...
May 15, 2015
by Lee
Sub ticket
Need for sub ticket like in Zendesk "The Zendesk Linked Ticket app enables you to create a child ticket from an existing parent ticket and link the two tickets together. This is particularly useful w...
Jul 29 (28 days ago)
by JohnGordon Hilley
Contact Us Form not working on Internet Explorer
I just noticed that on Internet Explorer (I am on version 10) that when I click our contact us button the page gets darker, but no contact box appears. I have the html code as https, if that matters. ...
Jun 20 (2 months ago)
by Martin Svitek
Time Reporting for Contact Groups
Is it possible to allow a filter for Contact Groups in the new time reporting reports? We are using the Contact groups as a top level company with Customers being used as their clients. It would be ...
Jun 20 (2 months ago)
by Matus Prastiak
How to configure a workflow around solving a ticket
Hi, How can I configure LiveAgent so, that when I solve a ticket, LiveAgent requires you to add a note before solving? In most systems when you solve a ticket, you will be prompted to write down the ...
Jun 09 (2 months ago)
by JohnGordon Hilley
No authtoken when customer registers via API
When I register an user via the API (https://support.ladesk.com/840770-Complete-API-reference#45753e0264da05f16828e89a6bf2e2cf), the authtoken is empty. I'm trying to create a single sign on system wh...
Jun 28 (59 days ago)
by Ron Nabuurs
Create new conversation
Hello! I have a problem with create new conversation. Please help me. I use this example https://support.ladesk.com/429654-API-call-to-create-conversation-from-PHP and read this https://support.lades...
May 24 (3 months ago)
by Tayyab Qadir
Statistics of ticket statuses and Resolved tickets
For us it would be very useful to see in statistics volume of tickets in each status (New, Open, Postponed, Answered, Resolved) Most important would be to see the trend of tickets resolved and ticket...
May 14 (3 months ago)
by David Malmstrom

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