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How to merge tickets?
Hi, Is there a possibility to merge tickets? There are many situations when different tickets are opened from the same customer about the same problem, so they should be merged. Thank you for the ans...
yesterday 04:54 (21 hours ago)
by Andrej Harsani
Feature Request: WhatsApp as a Channel
One billion Users use WhatsApp to get info and support. Its must be a incoming channel for support as email, twitter, etc. Please support this feature. Hello Rafael, The possible integration with...
Dec 20 (31 days ago)
by Martin Slastan
Feature Request: LiveAgent Call Center SIP
Free LiveAgent Call Center to connect with any pbx using SIP protocol use your pbx like mitel, cisco,freepbx,asterisk any SIP device Thank you for your suggestion. We plan to start working on custo...
Jan 12 (8 days ago)
by Matus Prastiak
SUGGESTION: Implement Google login for agents
Our company uses G Suite for employee authentication. It would be great if agents could log in to LiveAgent using their Google account.
Dec 12 (40 days ago)
by Anton Kralovic
Need Contact Form to Reset
I have a contact form embedded into our web site. When the user submits, we show the thank you message, but the form is gone. It is possible for our users to submit more than once. Is there a way to g...
Dec 08 (43 days ago)
by Bruce
Tag report on tags added after chat has ended
In order to sort statistics over what tags are added on chats, apart from automatic chats, we must have the functionality of actually making stat. reports on the tags added *after* a chat has ended, a...
Dec 07 (44 days ago)
by Pavol Juhasz
SUGGESTION - Filter folders
I click on 'Tickets' and see a LARGE list of filters: Filters by agent, by tag, by date by customer blood group... OK, maybe not the latter. Some of us have 40+ agents or dozens of sites and products...
Dec 28 (23 days ago)
by Martin Svitek
SUGGESTION - Internal message improvements
We love the internal message option - it saves a load of shouting around our busy CS Department as our Agents surreptitiously ask for help, plan their lunch activities and call me bad names . However,...
Dec 28 (23 days ago)
by Martin Palus
Adding KB articles to a ticket
When creating a ticket for a client it would be really handy to be able to add an existing knowledge base article for easy reference it seems we have canned responses etc but not kb articles? There i...
Dec 27 (24 days ago)
by Martin Slastan
Filters for Departments?
I am currently using the trial as my company is considering switching to LiveAgent, but I am having some trouble with Filters. I've added two other Agents on my team, and they can access everything n...
Dec 27 (24 days ago)
by Karen Love-Brice
Archive Tags
My agents use tags - LOTS of tags! with over 250 of them, we are Tag Central. Sometimes, a specific department wants our guys to monitor a specific campaign for a specific period (they are very speci...
Dec 23 (28 days ago)
by Martin Palus
Feature Request - Add tags to knowledgebase articles
It would be nice to link different articles by tags. well.. could you clarify it a bit more ? It's not clear enough in how it should work Thanks by product, by feature, by user-segment (consumer/busi...
Nov 07 (2 months ago)
by Martin Pullmann
Change Ticket ID
Hello, I want to change the Ticket ID. I want only the formation of numbers. Is it possible ? thanks
Nov 07 (2 months ago)
by Martin Palus
Feature Request - Automatically generate Let's Encrypt secured domains
Support Let's Encrypt domain names automatically without need of using our own certificates https://letsencrypt.org/how-it-works/ Hello David, thank you very much for your suggestion. I will forward i...
Nov 07 (2 months ago)
by Martin Palus
HTML5 instead of FLASH
I can't see the graphics on the reports on my iPad and other Mac Products Please please change the graphics from flash to html5 Faster and full compatible with any plataform. i made a feature sugg...
Nov 07 (2 months ago)
by Martin Palus
SUGGESTION - Admins can pause/logout Agents
Erm... well that's it really. :))) Give Admins the ability to pause agents or log forgetful agents out... (We can always kill them later).
May 15, 2015
by Lee
Ranking system for not-registered users. [Feature Request]
Hi, I am really satisfied with the LiveAgent system as it works flawlessly until now for four months already. However, I am really struggling with the ranking system as I don't get enough rankings ...
Oct 24 (2 months ago)
by JohnGordon Hilley
Full history in emails, import only last comment in reply
One of the main features our company is missing with Ladesk is that the feature of being able to include full history in emails causes way to long conversations in the end as the whole responses alway...
Oct 17 (3 months ago)
by Pavol Juhasz
How to connect to Exchange online (office365) shared Mailbox
Hello, How to connect to an office 365 sshared Mailbox, e.g. "info@example.com"? Shared Mailboxes don't have own Password, normally we connect using Email and Pass of authorized user account, but Live...
Oct 11 (3 months ago)
by Martin Svitek
Limit chat button to specific pages
Hi, Is there a way I can limit visibility of a button to a certain page, or spread of pages. ONLY show the button on - example.com/contact us or on a range of pages - all pages in example.com/en/ Than...
Oct 07 (3 months ago)
by Matt

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