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Tracking successful contact form submissions
Hi, I'm trying to figure out a way to track a successful contact form submission (i.e. when chat is offline), is this possible? We can already track chat / contact form being opened, either via the on...
Jul 12 (4 days ago)
by Stevn Richardson
How do I ban an IP
Seems schoolkids found our chat and every day we have several. I think we are mentioned somewhere on their intranet and I'd like to ban this IP. How do I do that? Right now it is not possible to block...
Jun 11 (35 days ago)
by AdrianG001
HTML5 instead of FLASH
I can't see the graphics on the reports on my iPad and other Mac Products Please please change the graphics from flash to html5 Faster and full compatible with any plataform. i made a feature sugg...
Jul 11 (5 days ago)
by Pavol
Password reset for customer
A costumer of us claims he cannot login to the knowledgebase with his user and says he entered his e-mail address at the "Reset password" functionality, but he does not receive an emal (I see in the l...
Jul 11 (5 days ago)
by Andrej Saxon
Reports for non admin / owner
Would it be possible to have the option to enable reports for non admin / owner users? For example, we have a department manager who needs access to reports. We can do this by making them an admin how...
Jul 04 (12 days ago)
by Matus
How to merge tickets?
Hi, Is there a possibility to merge tickets? There are many situations when different tickets are opened from the same customer about the same problem, so they should be merged. Thank you for the answ...
Mar 28, 2017
by Anton Kralovic
Deleting Users
Hi - is there a way to delete the customers from Live Agent within agent/index.php#Customers;?
Feb 16, 2013
Prevent LiveAgent API from updating an existing customer based on phone number
Hi, I'm using the API to send and retrieve data using cURL, and the examples provided in the documentation. My code works fine, except the following scenario seems to be playing out: My site: "Is the ...
Apr 08 (3 months ago)
by Anton Kralovic
Hi, A few years ago i created a timed rule containing this IF statement: Hello{if $conversationOwnerName neq ''} {$conversationOwnerName}{/if}, Now i want to create a new timed rule and i wondered ...
Feb 23 (4 months ago)
by Matus
/api/conversations response is missing the field "assignedTo"
I was expecting the summary data about a conversation would at minimum answer the question "Who was talking to whom?" but unfortunately that's not how the current /api/conversations endpoint is design...
Nov 09 (8 months ago)
by Matus
CSP headers vs ladesk client
Hi, I've run into some issue setting up CSP security headers, in the final I had to allow 'unsafe-eval' in script-src .. otherwise, close button for the chat window wouldn't work at all (without any ...
Oct 30 (8 months ago)
by Ondrej Pok
Feature request: cloning condition groups in rules
Hello team, When setting up complex rules, the ability to clone condition groups would make data entry faster. Thanks :)
Sep 11 (10 months ago)
by Kate B
Customer Portal per language?
Hi guys, I run a website with several different languages. Works great for the tickets, but is there a way to setup the customer portal to handle different languages as well? Ideally I would like to r...
Aug 01 (11 months ago)
by David Chandler
Slack Integration Upgrade
Slack Integration is great, however it's mostly useless. I love that I immediately know when we have a new ticket, but the lack of details in the ticket are awful. I'd live to see a very simple and ea...
Jul 13, 2017
by Martin Pullmann
Import predefined
How to import predefinedÅ› by .csv file or by API you can create predefined only via new APIv3. Check this link: https://URL-TO-YOUR-LA.ladesk.com/docs/api/v3/index.php#!/predefined95answers/createPr...
Jul 11, 2017
by Matus
How i can setup automate answer to customer?
Dear Admin How i can setup automate answer to customer? What plugin i can use? Hello there, you can use the Rules engine https://www.ladesk.com/features/rules for any automation you'd like, including...
Jul 04, 2017
by Anton Kralovic
Its possible to add chat button on email signatures?
Is there any method of using some html button to insert into email signatures? Thanks.
Jun 29, 2017
by Eder
Chat Box Position
On my Chrome browser the chat box positions under my navigation bar and logo even with the z-index set so I decided to have it pop-up in a new window instead. That works for me for the chat box but th...
Jul 27 (11 months ago)
by Anton Kralovic
Mail account load error: Could not load Row. Primary key values empty
I keep getting the following error in my event log: Mail account load error: Could not load Row. Primary key values empty As a result of this, emails are delayed being sent (I believe they are being s...
Jun 22, 2017
by Martin Slastan
Can't Find Gamification
I am managing a self-hosted LiveAgent installation running Periodically I've been getting the Quatrefoil badge randomly. Looking in your help center I see that badges are part of the Gamif...
Jun 16, 2017
by Andrej Saxon

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