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HTML5 instead of FLASH

Jan 10, 2016
Rafael Harari Turquie wrote
I can't see the graphics on the reports on my iPad and other Mac Products <br /> <br /> Please please change the graphics from flash to html5 <br /> <br /> Faster and full compatible with any plataform.
6 Answers
Jan 11, 2016
Brano Nemec agent wrote
i made a feature suggestion for our developers under ID 3379<br /> As the support for Flash is really going to the end, would be better to upgrade onto some newer platform.<br /> <br /> Thanks
Nov 07, 2016
Matt Philips wrote
Any update or progress?
Nov 07, 2016
Martin Palus agent wrote
Sadly, nothing yet. No ETA. I dearly apologize, but it's crazy hard to prioritize when there are so many great ideas (including yours) and limited developemnt capacity :( I hope you understand. Thanks!
Aug 06, 2017
Martin Baker wrote
Yes this is sorely needed. It's 2017 not 2007 anymore. I refuse to install Flash as a Safari plug-in :-)<br /> <br /> The death of Flash was officially announced by Adobe last month, admittedly 3 years away but...
Sep 08, 2017
Hrvoje Budin wrote
One vote more to kill Flash charts ASAP!
Jul 11, 2018
Pavol agent wrote
I'm happy to inform you that Flash graphs in reports were completely removed and replaced by HTML5 responsive graphs.

The change takes effect in LiveAgent versions +

- Hosted accounts on our servers have been already updated to this version.
- Standalone licenses should update their accounts as well.

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