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Features and functions

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Global ticket filter
Let´s say that you as the owner of your LiveAgent system want to define default ... more
Fetching comments from Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts
Does LiveAgent fetch comments from boosted posts and Facebook Ads? - Yes it doe... more
Agent ranking
Fight against delivering poor customer support by letting your customers rate th... more
LiveAgent (https://www.ladesk.com/) is fully compatible with Emojis 🤝. The only ... more
How to create Google Maps API key for GeoIP plugin
Changes in Google Maps API policy Starting June 11, 2018 Google requires that ... more
Facebook integration for our cloud hosted accounts.
This article is only for our cloud hosted (monthly payment) customers, self-host... more
Configuring Twitter
For downloadable customers: in order to connect your Twitter account you must cr... more
Merge Ticket
Merge ticket (https://www.ladesk.com/features/hybrid-ticket-stream/) is useful w... more
Export ticket to PDF/HTML file
Since LiveAgent version it is possible to easily export the whole ticke... more
Mass action
Mass action is a function which allows you execute some action on multiple ticke... more
Agents and users
Agents (https://www.ladesk.com/features/agents/) are people who provide support ... more
Video chat - Creating video chat buttons
Video chat (https://www.ladesk.com/features/video-chat) works just like a regula... more
Departments (http://www.ladesk.com/features/departments/) represent a specific d... more
Adding Tags to Tickets
Tags (https://www.ladesk.com/features/tags/) are simply words or phrases you can... more
Notes - Visible only to agents
LiveAgent offers you to add private Notes (https://www.ladesk.com/features/notes... more
Ticket filters
Sometimes you need to see all tickets matching a specific condition. For example... more
Pause feature
LiveAgent (https://www.ladesk.com/tour/live-chat-software/) offers an option for... more
Search widgets
Adding the Search Widget (https://www.ladesk.com/features/search-widgets/) into ... more
To solve button
In LiveAgent Admins can choose if Agents will be able to answer tickets from the... more
Contact forms
Adding a Contact form (https://www.ladesk.com/features/contact-forms/) into your... more
2-Step Verification
Enable 2-Step Verification (https://www.ladesk.com/features/2-step-verification/... more
Email notifications
Email notifications (https://www.ladesk.com/features/email-notifications/) can b... more
Save the time of your support agents and fight against spam with automatic spam ... more
Search & Replace
LiveAgent can automatically search (https://www.ladesk.com/features/search-repla... more
Branding - Replace the default LiveAgent logo
You can change the logo of LiveAgent (https://www.ladesk.com/tour/) to the logo ... more
View customer's typing text
Imagine how much time you could have saved if you had been able to see your cust... more
Auto pause
Sometimes agents (https://www.ladesk.com/features/agents/) forget to click 'paus... more
Keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys
Ticket view keyboard shortcuts: Mac users need to use ⌘ Command key instead of ... more
LiveAgent GeoIp
LiveAgent (https://www.ladesk.com/) offers you the ability to see what country y... more
Forum for customers
If you wish your customers to be able to help each other with technical question... more
Feedback and Suggestions
Encourage customers to send you new ideas and feedback (https://www.ladesk.com/f... more
ElasticSearch is a distributed, free / open source search engine server based on... more
Split Ticket
Split ticket (https://www.ladesk.com/features/hybrid-ticket-stream/) is a useful... more
Contacts - Customers' info
View information about your customers, from basic contact info, language prefere... more
Companies and organizations
Companies (https://www.ladesk.com/features/companies/) are collections of your C... more
Contact fields
Contact fields (https://www.ladesk.com/features/contact-fields/) are custom fiel... more
Ticket fields
Ticket fields (https://www.ladesk.com/features/ticket-fields/) are custom fields... more
Rewards & Badges
Badges (https://www.ladesk.com/features/rewards-badges/) create a fun and engagi... more
Levels - Determine the skill of other agents
To make it easier for new agents to determine the skill of other agents and also... more
Gamification (https://www.ladesk.com/features/gamification/) allows your support... more
Sounds configuration
The Sound configuration plugin is included only during Trial or in the All-inclu... more
Audit log - Documentary evidence of activities
Audit log (https://www.ladesk.com/features/audit-log/) is a chronological set of... more

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