Settings section

The Settings section found under Configuration->Call->Settings lets you define how the calls will behave in the application. Only admins have access to this section.

Call routing lets you choose how the calls will be assigned to agents when there are multiple agents available to receive calls.

  • Random Assignment option randomly chooses one of the available agents while keeping an overall number of calls leveled.
  • Priority Assignment lets you define priorities for agents so you can have for example one agent with higher priority to whom the call will be always routed first and only when this agent is occupied it will select other agents. This can be useful mainly if the other agents should focus on solving tickets primarily and help with calls only if all of the regular agents are occupied already.

Routing time defines after how many seconds of ringing the call should start ringing to a different agent. The default setting is 30 seconds so if agent A doesn't pick up the call in 30 seconds and there is agent B available the call gets routed to agent B while agent A will have 1 missed call counted in his report.

State after call ends has two options and selects the state in which the call ticket is after the call is ended. The options are Answered and Resolved. This is mostly a cosmetic option, but if you are using "First resolve" SLA you might want to have Answered selected here since the ticket might not be actually resolved after the call has ended and the agent might need to transfer the ticket to technicians for example.


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