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Feature Request- Delete certain messages in the same check
I believe a really good feature would be to delete a specific message in a chat. For example: Say someone types in their credit card, you could delete just that line in the chat, instead of deleting t...
Aug 27 (2 days ago)
by Matus Prastiak
Feature Request-
It would be nice to be able to see where your chatter is going while chatting. Right now, after we chat we can see where they went, but we would like to be able to also see where they are going on the...
Jul 24 (35 days ago)
by Martin Novak
Replying to tickets
Im not sure if this is the same for everyone but it would be great to be able to set the tickets so when you reply it responds to the ticket owner For example at the moment when a ticket gets forwar...
Jul 20 (39 days ago)
by Brano Nemec
Facebook App Creation
I'm having a lot of trouble getting facebook to approve the app described in your tutorial. Is there anyone that could help me in creating this app? Its essential to the functionality of why I chose...
Aug 19 (9 days ago)
by Anton Kralovic
How to merge tickets?
Hi, Is there a possibility to merge tickets? There are many situations when different tickets are opened from the same customer about the same problem, so they should be merged. Thank you for the ans...
Aug 06 (22 days ago)
by Dorian Cosentino
SUGGESTION - Admins can pause/logout Agents
Erm... well that's it really. :))) Give Admins the ability to pause agents or log forgetful agents out... (We can always kill them later). I reported your feature suggestion to our developers :) The...
May 15 (3 months ago)
by Lee
Feature request: Save as draft
I am not sure, how LA did not have this feature before. Mail apps have it since beginning of time. But I think we need to create tickets and be able to save as draft. I know it have some kind of auto...
Aug 12 (16 days ago)
by Matus Prastiak
SUGGESTION - Filter folders
I click on 'Tickets' and see a LARGE list of filters: Filters by agent, by tag, by date by customer blood group... OK, maybe not the latter. Some of us have 40+ agents or dozens of sites and products...
Jul 13 (46 days ago)
by Katka Javorska
reply customer by email
when cutomer reply ticket trough email, put all historic. how to disable this, to when customer reply only update with new answer and not all thanks always when is reply by email ok you can turn Off...
Aug 12 (16 days ago)
by Matus Prastiak
Install SSL
i have a rapidssç wildcard, how to install to my domain load with https? i have the csr etc and ok in others servers thanks You can park your domain and use own certificate .. Here is the guide: http...
Aug 10 (18 days ago)
by Anton Kralovic
Feature "Enable email forwarding"
I need this rule or resource to can create ticket in this situation : If an agent receives an email in his or her own email account and forwards it to "live agent", results in a ticket being...
Aug 10 (18 days ago)
by Dorian Cosentino
How to add tag when create ticket trough specic email alias
hi! cannot create a rule than when send email to email alias nfe@mydomain.com add specific tag i try this: when create ticket by email=>to=>equal=>nfe@mydomain.com execute: add tag=> sp...
Aug 10 (18 days ago)
by Matus Prastiak
You say NPAPI, I say PPAPI!
We're getting an alert concerning NPAPI plugin support for Chrome. From release 42, it has no longer been supported, and will be totally unusable from Chrome version 45, to be released later this yea...
Jul 10 (49 days ago)
by Matus Prastiak
How to assign a KnowledgeBase article to various different categories?
When creating an article for our FAQ page, I don't see any feature to assign the article to multiple categories. E.g. "Which Hardware Encoder do you recommend?". This FAQ would fit into ...
Jul 09 (50 days ago)
by Martin Novak
SUGGESTION - Agent Improvements
Yes, me again. Yes, another suggestion! When setting up Agents, can we have the option to clone/copy/duplicate an Agent. You get an identical agent with [Copy of] Fred as the name and a blank email a...
Jul 05 (54 days ago)
by Anton Kralovic
@localhost as a Recipient- how it's possible
Hello, how it possible that we get e-mails from recipient @localhost. We need full adress e-mail our customers. Could you please send us email with access to your installation? We will review the pr...
Aug 03 (25 days ago)
by Viktor Zeman
Default "from" e-mail when composing new message
Hi, I would like to know if there's a possibility to change the default e-mail account when composing new message? I mostly write messages to clients from one department, and the default e-mail is co...
Aug 02 (26 days ago)
by Adriana Lachka
OK - So I create a 'Monitoring Agent' in her own 'special department' that never receives tickets. Everything is turned off, and the agent cannot change her settings. Pretty tight! However, she can s...
Jun 26 (2 months ago)
by Martin Novak
SUGGESTION - Invitation Delays
OK, so after setting the rules for manually inviting visitors to the many sites we cover (duration on site, specific URLs etc.), we have noticed an issue.Agent A invites a visitor (no ticket history)....
Jul 16 (43 days ago)
by David
Suggestion - Mass Action: Postpone
Can't find the ability to postpone multiple tickets at a time. This would be a very handy feature. Hello Benjamin, this feature is already in the LiveAgent. Just mark the tickets which you would like...
May 27 (3 months ago)
by Benjamin

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